Light Ships in Starborne

As alluded to in the previous post, each ship received two mutually exclusive modifications which can be unlocked via Commander Abilities. These new ships not only look different, but also grant specialized bonuses. Take a look!


Classic Modification (L)

The standard Corvette is available from the start, but provides no bonuses.

Stingray Modification (M)

Maximizing firepower over everything else, the Stingray is designed to meet the opponent head on and come out victorious.

Harpy Modification (R)

With bonuses to speed and cargo space, this utility craft is both effective in raids and able to assist Industrials on build operations.

Patrol Ship

Classic Modification (L)

The standard Patrol Ship is available from the start, but provides no bonuses.

Albacore Modification (M)

The Albacore gains major bonuses to the already formidable combat stats of the Patrol Ship, rendering this ship lethal on defense.

Griffin Modification (R)

This utility craft makes up for its lower combat capabilities with minimal construction costs and major bonuses when running missions.


Classic Modification (L)

The standard Scout is available from the start, but provides no bonuses.

Narwhal Modification (M)

Fast and stealthy, the Narwhal is extremely effective at sabotaging enemy installations of any type, bypassing all but the highest levels of surveillance.

Stargazer Modification (R)

The Stargazer is best suited for surveillance operations, receiving bonuses to both scanning and sabotage defense.

Next up are the Heavy Ships. Stay tuned!

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