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Starborne is a new strategy MMO for PC where you take on the role of space commander to compete against thousands of other players over control of the galaxy. Forge alliances, build massive fleets and wage wars to expand your space station into a galactic empire!

Key Features

  • Define your Playstyle: Command fleets on the frontlines, sabotage enemies through covert operations or become the industrial backbone of your alliance.
  • Massive Scale: Explore, settle and conquer a seamless galaxy map supporting over 4000 concurrent players.
  • Empire Management: Gather resources, upgrade buildings and construct ships to secure your borders.
  • Deep Customization: Collect over 200 cards to enhance your fleets, outposts and space stations, each granting unique bonuses.
  • Battle Royal Exteme: Take part in epic cross-map Alliance vs. Alliance battles and shape the ruthless diplomatic landscape.

How can I play?

To play, create your account on starborne.com and download the installer here on itch. The game is comepletely free-to-play!

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Install instructions

Installer for Windows.


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